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The Roger

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Happy Halloween! Oh right… Halloween is way over. Okay how about HAPPY RAGECAKES UPDATE DAY!

I’ll let you guys take a wild guess as to when the cupcakes in this post were made. *Not so subtle hint – it was Halloween.* The post is a little overdue, as all of my posts are. These cupcakes, however, are at least mildly ragey! No small candies are being decapitated or stabbed to death, but skulls and bones are still pretty on par with my ragey ways. This is actually the first ragey cupcake to make it onto RageCakes! I’m a little ashamed.

These I affectionately call “The Roger.”

As you can see from the above picture, not only do the cupcakes have skulls, but I also have a skull that hangs out in my apartment with me. His name is Roger and he is the naming inspiration for these cupcakes. Roger has been hanging out with me for about 10 years now. I named him primarily after Roger Manganelli, the bassist for Less Than Jake, but it worked out too because of the big Jolly Roger flag I used to have hanging on my wall. Naming my skull Roger just seemed to be the right choice at that time.

These cupcakes are a white cake with white chocolate chips, topped with a pumpkin butter cream. I didn’t do a stellar job with the frosting for these. I just did straight butter cream with pumpkin whipped into it. I realized after I really should have spiced it up a little. The next time the Roger makes an appearance I’ll play some more.

I’m always on the lookout for fun sprinkles and candies to use with my cupcakes. Unfortunately “ragey” items appear rarely, so when I saw the little bone sprinkles and the skull and crossbones candies I knew I had to buy them and use them on cupcakes.

If anyone knows of any great places to buy fun and ragey cupcake decorations please let me know!

Let the Rage Begin

Friday, April 5th, 2013

It’s alive!!!  Welcome to Rage Cakes – Home of my slightly spazzy cupcakey ramblings.

My goodness this post has been a long time coming! This blog has been in the works for a long loooooong time; but, my inability to ever be happy with the way something looks prevented it from being shared with the world right away. I bought this domain and started working away at this thing months and months ago, but after being almost done I decided I hated the layout and started over. Eventually I found a theme I liked enough to dive in and edit into something I was mildly content with. That is what you see now. It was so long ago though that I started this (and started photographing cupcakes for this silly thing!) that most of the cupcakes I’ll be posting over the next few weeks were digested a long time ago. In fact the cupcakes I’ll be sharing with you now were made in August. It’s been almost a year. I’m not proud.

First up… not very ragey (btw – the RAGE part of RageCakes is because I bake when I am angry or stressed and sometimes that rage is kinda evident in the cupcakes I make!) but these are the cupcakes that started it all so it is only fitting that they are the first cupcakes to be shared with you.

Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Raspberry Buttercream

I haven’t been baking very long. Just about 2 years now I think, and some of the first cupcakes I ever made were dark chocolate cupcakes with raspberry butter cream. They were a hit and I’ve made them multiple times since that first attempt. I’ve perfected that butter cream. No longer does it appear to contain mercury (the first batch was super shiny! I think it was the combination of the preserves and the food coloring) and the texture is now superb… at least I think so.

Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Raspberry Buttercream

I’ve never really been a frosting girl. I usually hate butter cream so it is interesting, I think, that my butter cream always ends up being such a hit. Probably because I don’t measure anything but the butter and vegetable shortening (I don’t actually use milk in my butter cream. I only point this out because people find it kind of weird) so I mostly mix and flavor to taste adding things as I see fit. It works! I make it so I love it and apparently other people love it too.

Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Raspberry Buttercream

These yummy cupcakes are dark chocolate cake with my raspberry butter cream. You’ll quickly notice that I love sprinkles and chocolate chips. They top a lot of the cupcakes I make and share.

I’d give you the recipe for this fantastico buttercream, but as I said… I don’t measure. Plus I’m pretty sure these will make more appearances in the future. They are after all my fav!