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Pop Rocks and Coke Cupcake

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

I’m really bad at updating. I’d make excuses, say I’ve been really busy with work, friends, family, and it would all be true. It is however also true that I’ve spent hours watching Netflix when I could have been writing something up. I actually just received my one year renewal notice on this domain. A year and this is only my second update. Yikes.

I also was yelled at the other day by my friend and coworker Katie. Consider me motivated (or bored if I’m really being honest).

So… have an update!

A little under a year ago a friend and coworker moved far away to try to find a job and life more suited to his tastes and, being the awesome person I am, I made cupcakes.

I was trying to think of something fun and clever and still a little ragey since this coworker friend was the person that came up with the name AND slogan for this thing. Only seemed fair. Well, with some help from my friend Shayna we came up with the Pop Rocks and Coke idea. I am completely aware that Pop Rocks and soda won’t actually kill anyone but the myth is what makes this cupcake so fun.

We joked that we would rather make his stomach burst so we could hide him in the closet than have him move so far away.

I did discover, to my dismay, that putting pop rocks in frosting doesn’t really work. They popped in the frosting (I’d tried to make it dry to prevent that but to no avail) and were no longer even resembling rocks by the time they made it to the office. If you are going to try the Pepsi cake topped with Pop Rock butter cream thing I’d recommend putting the pop rocks on top only, not in the frosting, and only doing it right before serving. You still want the cupcakes to pop when you eat them! Otherwise what’s the point?

I played with a few names for this one. The Gut Grenade, Tummy Tornado, Gutsplosion… Obviously my naming abilities are limited so I’m open to name suggestions!