“Hi!  My name is Mindy and I love to bake cupcakes!  I first started baking them when men in black helicopters came in the night, covered my head with a black hood, and took me to their training facility somewhere in the desert.  It was there that I learned how to kill a man 147 different ways with a spatula.  I also learned how to make the perfect buttercream :-)   Now I try to mix my love of baked goods and my assassin skills.  Sometimes I decorate my cupcakes to depict the slow and violent deaths that I am planning for my enemies, and boy is it time consuming. teehee.  Well that’s pretty much me in a nutshell!  Feel free to email me for any of my recipes or decorating tips.  Also, do not cross me or I will hunt you down with a fiery passion that burns with the intensity of the sun and wipe you and your seed from the Earth.   lol”

Email –

Yeah… that’s all you get for now. I don’t know you well enough for anything more.

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