About RageCakes

RageCakes is the baking blog of me, Mindy, the ragey ninja baker.

I never really was much of a baker.  I remember pouring premeasured ingredients into bowls as a child while my mother did all the real baking but that is about all the baking experience I have. I didn’t bake a thing from the time I was just a tiny Mindy mouse until about a year ago, and honestly it was probably a good thing. I have this habit of setting things on fire, cutting things that aren’t meant to be cut, and shattering objects that aren’t actually meant to be shattered. Baking and I it would seem have always been somewhat star-crossed. It was until recently that I worked up the courage to break out that mixing bowl and whisk and start attempting to bake sugary goodies that people actually consider eating. By recently I mean I’ve been baking less than a year so I am definitely no expert.

After a few months of baking cupcakes I discovered that if I had a bad day at home or at work I actually wanted to go home and bake. Wanting to do something that had up until recently not only been foreign but dangerous was baffling to me. I found myself sitting at my desk wondering not just when 5pm would hit but why I suddenly wanted to make things. And by things I mean cupcakes. It turned into me baking cupcakes to bring to work on special occasions, including but not limited to:

  • Birthdays
  • Workiversarys (you know… workplace anniversaries)

It wasn’t long before I started finding other reasons to bake. Suddenly the list was more like this:

  • Birthdays
  • Workiversarys
  • Cookouts
  • Wednesdays
  • Days I have leftover cupcake ingredients in my cabinets.

I clearly had found a new love. Cupcakes. Sweet, sugary, pretty cupcakes. Which is why the theme of this blog was still nowhere near existing. All the reasons I was baking were happy reasons. It wasn’t until one particularly stressful work day that I realized my next, and possibly best reason to make cupcakes:


Yup! Anger. One girl, let’s call her “K”, annoyed me so much that I really wanted nothing more than to throat punch her ask what her problem was.  –See what I did there?– K had pushed me just about as far as she could possibly push me, and luckily, the very next day, K wasn’t a problem anymore. That sounds really bad right? I didn’t kill anyone I swear so get that thought out of your head. I’m far too gentle to do anything like that. I made cupcakes! Violent ones. Things just escalated from there. Soon whenever I got annoyed I started plotting my next violent cupcake. I would pull from what I knew about the thing or person that had me on a rampage and try to work that into the cupcake somehow. It was really soon after that people started almost looking forward to my ranting because they knew that cupcakes were soon to follow. People started calling them “revenge cakes” and “rage cakes” and it wasn’t long before not only did I have a name, RageCakes, I also had a slogan thanks to a clever coworker.

Because sometimes cupcakes are the sweetest revenge.

After I had the name and slogan it wasn’t long before people started pestering and pushing me to actually do something with it.  It would seem that RageCakes was meant to be.



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